Connectivity between different corridors for wild animals of Rajaji Park is very important. There are lot of man-made barriers. Yet there are many corridors for animal passes through ancient times in this landscape, specially elephants and tigers.  The 1075 sq km area of Rajaji National Park (now as Rajaji Tiger Reserve) is located between three heavily populated district of Pauri, Haridwar is in the South west while Dehradun is in North West. On the South Eastern side it joins up with Lansedowne Forest Division which is further connected with Kalagarh Tiger Reserve and Corbett Tiger Reserve. The entire region serves as a Wild Life Corridors. The elephants, tigers of Kalagarh Tiger Reserve and Corbett Tiger Reserve comes at Rajaji National Park in one season and than move back on another season depends on better survival conditions. There are following few identified corridors of Rajaji National Park

  • Kansaro-Barkot Corridor
  • Teenpani Corridor
  • Song River Corridor
  • Chilla Motichur Corridor
  • Rawasan Jhilmil Corridor
  • Laldhang Rawasan Corridor