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Whatsapp incase of International
Name, Age, Gender of each person, Group leader address, One ID number

Please Email or WhatsApp your enquiry.

We took some time (from few hours to 24 hours maximum) to update you. Instant reply most of time not possible. Kindly ingore our’s this deficiency.

You can also fill relevant enquiry form on Safari, Stay, or Package pages for all your Enquiry regarding the visit of Rajaji National Park

Kindly mentioned following information

  • For Safari Related Enquiries: your name, Safari Date, number of persons (including kids with their ages), Zone (Chilla, Jhilmil, Ranipur, Motichur)
    For Stay / package related Enquiries: Your name, arrival date, your departure date, number of persons (including kids with their ages), Resort / FRH name.
  • We are committed for better wildlife experience for all our guests visiting the foothills of Shivalik Range’s National Park  i.e. Rajaji National Park now as Rajaji Tiger Reserve

–Thanks for understanding