Rajaji Wild Trail Resort nestled in the Shivalik range of the Himalayas at village Ganga Bhogpur Talla, adjoining the Chilla Canal. Be prepared to become an environmental activist as we take you through wildlife experiences that will touch your heart and mind. The enormity of the forest and the many ancient trails made by elephants are awe inspiring. Imagine the thrill when you come across a majestic tusker standing on the safari track, a sambhar stag belling its alarm call and a tiger or leopard appearing, with arrogance clearly written on its feline face. Our guests are taken into the jungle with trained naturalists for best wildlife experiences.
The Rajaji Tiger Reserve, straddling the transition zone between the Himalayas and the Gangetic plains, offer truly rich birding opportunities. The habitat includes Sal forests interspersed with Zizyphus shrub, mixed forest and riverine grasslands. All this contribute to the rich bird diversity. Winter is the best time to visit as many migratory bird species from the high Himalayas are present. Significantly, Rajaji is the northern limit for Great Hornbills and Oriental Pied Hornbills. Great Hornbills are usually seen in pairs on tall trees, while the Oriental Pied Hornbills tend to congregate in gregarious, noisy flocks, usually on ‘Bakhli’ (Annogeisus latifolia) trees. Due to the proximity of these tourism zones to Rishikesh and Haridwar, things may get crowded in the evenings and weekends. Early morning visits are the best when birds are most active and people are not!

The Ganga River, flowing naturally on the southern side, the Chilla canal on the northern side and the Bean river bed that remains dry except during monsoons to the west, provide a total fair of migratory birds on all sides. The Neeldhara bird Sanctuary, Bhimgoda is about 12 km from the camp site.

Accommodation We provide 12 x 12 feet double-bedded tented accommodation units. Each unit is weather proof and well ventilated with roll-up net windows and attached western toilets.

Dining Arrangements The camp kitchen takes care of the meals in a buffet arrangement. Chinese and continental food is also served on prior information and request. RO filtered water is available for drinking and cooking purposes. Adequate supply of bottled drinking water is also maintained at the camp.

Parking: We have enough parking spaces for cars and buses. For security reasons please reach the camp before darkness, preferably before 5 pm